Monday, 5 November 2012

Ikkyosai (Hitotsubashi University Festival)

So, over the weekend (ok, on Saturday if you want to be exact), I went for Ikkyosai with Rena. In order to support Matthew-senpai (who's from AC like me), we both skipped Kendo. Oops. But then again, it's important to stay together as a Singaporean community.

The festival was actually really cool. It started at the station (Kunitachi), which is some ways before the school. So imagine, rows of stalls lining the street! And just before the school, one of the stalls had a goat!

An actual goat! Which apparently looks like it will eat anything. 
We got there a little early, but since we got lost, we ended up at the concert hall at the right time. Matthew Senpai is really good with the piano! O.O

After the concert, we decided to walk around a little:

And eat. Eating is important, and this hotate was delicious! Probably my favourite festival food!

Is this adorable? I think it's a seal in the festival outfit. I'm not sure though...

Balloons are, likewise, awesome!

And after walking around a bit (after the concert), we decided to go help at the Singaporean stall (they really really needed help.

And I got a new profile picture thanks to my friend Han (her name in English is Kim Hang) and her amazing camera~ I really needed one after my hair got cut :D