Sunday, 25 November 2012

Instant Ramen Reviews #2

Oops, I forgot to write this. In fact, I think I'll have only tried two kinds of Ramen before Euphe comes. Sorry Euphe! I'll do more research and bring back the kinds you'll like the next time I come back!

Alright, this ramen is supposed to be pork curry instant ramen. If you like Japanese curry, this is definitely for you. It comes with a few packets, like the first one I tried. And yeah, I remembered to take a photo this time.

And this is the ramen after it's been prepared.

It really does taste like curry, although for someone like me, who is on the "amai, sweet" scale (read: no spiciness at all) scale of curry, it may be a little too hot. But only if you're as sensitive as me.

And amazingly, there were bits of meat in the noodles! It was very very little, but it was recognisably meat. But still, you shouldn't assume that it makes this healthier, the amount will meat meet no daily calorie requirements (except for the fat/carbohydrate ones).

This is for curry fans!